Caregiver Solutions


Support you can depend on - at no cost to you!

When it comes to caregiving, one size does not fit all. Caregivers vary in age, gender, income level and cultural background. And, those they care for - whether a parent or grandparent, spouse or sibling, aunt or uncle, child or grandchild, friend or neighbor - are just as diverse.

Caregiver Solutions is specifically designed to support your unique caregiving journey. The program empowers you with the information and resources to help you provide exceptional care while ensuring you take care of your own needs and wellbeing.

Are you:

  • Caring for an older adult so they can remain safe at home?
  • Providing full-time care for your grandchildren and unsure of the resources available or you need help with legal issues, finances, healthcare, or education?
  • Taking care of an adult family member (or non-family member) with a disability or chronic illness who needs assistance, 24-hour supervision, meals and more?

Caregiver Solutions can help.

How Does Caregiver Solutions Work?

Our Caregiver Advisors understand the complexities of managing a person’s care in the home. They will help you enroll in our program, provide a thorough assessment of your caregiving situation, and ensure you receive person-centered services and supports that meet your preferences and individual needs.

Caregiver services and supports include:

  • In-home services and supports
  • Supportive counseling
  • Caregiver support group (online)
  • Caregiving education and training including falls prevention, mental health assessments and social engagement strategies
  • Referrals to elder law offices for help with estate planning and legal documents; and to behavioral health specialists for mental health or substance use disorders counseling
  • Information and referrals to community resources
  • Education and training on caring for an older adult at home, including those with dementia
  • Scholarships for after-school programs, assistive technology, and adaptive equipment
  • In-home care planning

We also can offer you occasional relief from caregiving with referrals to Adult Day Health programs, respite care and companion services. And, with our weekly online caregiver support groups, you can learn new coping skills, strategies, and resources from other caregivers like you.

Adult Foster Care (AFC)

If you provide full-time care to someone who is unable to live alone due to a chronic illness or disability and receives MassHealth, you may be eligible to participate in our AFC program and receive financial assistance to pay for living expenses. Our dedicated AFC nurses and case managers provide in-home education and training as well as social services and supports to help you and your care partner thrive together in a shared living environment.

To be eligible, a caregiver in our AFC program can be a friend, relative or sibling (not a spouse or legal guardian) to their care partner. Our Options Counselor can review the program requirements with you and assist you with the application process.

Every caregiving journey has both joys and challenges. With Caregiver Solutions, you can be confident in your caregiving role.

Collaborative caregiving support

Today’s technology can make life easier for caregivers by connecting them to others for help and support while providing their care partners with socialization and interaction to ease their social isolation and loneliness.


Virtual Support Groups

Sometimes caregivers can feel overwhelmed. Our Caregiver Support Groups offer a safe place to share experiences, advice, and practical strategies for managing caregiving responsibilities. Caregiver support groups allow caregivers to have that special time to be with other people who have similar issues and to learn from one another.

Weekly support groups are held virtually by phone and video conference.

If you or someone you know is caring for a loved one and needs support and helpful resources, our Caregiver Support Groups meet every week.

User-friendly Technology

Caregiver Solutions can provide user-friendly tablets to caregivers enrolled in our program. The Birdsong Table comes pre-loaded with hundreds of hours of music, videos, games, travel, and therapeutic content. It also enables users to watch television as well as video chat and share photos with family and friends. In addition, the Amazon Echo can help caregivers stay in touch with individuals in their care – particularly when they cannot be together.

Ready to get started? For more information on all the resources available through Caregiver Solutions, email us [email protected] or call 617-292-6211 (TTY: 617-451-6404).